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Serving Palm Bay, Viera, Sun Tree, Satellite Beach, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Aurora Chiropractic Clinic provides a wide range of services to patients in Brevard County, Florida and the surrounding areas including Chiropractic and Pain Management. Our team has years of experience in the field, as well as a passion for providing you with the very best care.
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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a medical practice based on the theory that disease results from disruption of nerve function. This interference is thought to stem primarily from displaced vertebrae, which Chiropractors adjust manually in order to relieve pressure on the nerves. Chiropractic is a hands-on, drug-free approach to stimulate your body's own remarkable resources!

Our Chiropractic Services Include:



We perform Diagnostic X-Rays at this facility.


Spinal Manipulation

This treatment helps to restore the normal position and motion to the vertebrae of the spine. At our facility Dr. Rogers uses several different Spinal manipulation techniques properly suited to the needs of each patient.


Interferential Therapy

This treatment helps reduce muscle spasm and increase the bodies rate of healing, by using a small current to travel through the injured areas.


Ultrasound Therapy

By using a high-frequency sound wave to the injured area this treatment helps the body to recover from trauma and reduce inflammation


Mechanical Traction

Traction helps relieve pressure and stress in the joints of the spine. This helps aid in improved flexibility and mobility.


Flexion Distraction

This treatment is used to help with symptomatic disc injuries involving back soreness and the often-accompanying leg discomfort. By using a specialized table that gently stretches the spine and which allows the Chiropractor to isolate the area of disc involvement while slightly flexing the spine.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has many benefits. At our facility we offer relaxation, sports injury, and deep tissue. Massage therapy is a soothing and relaxing treatment know to reduce stress, improve posture, enhance flexibility and range of motion, it also helps aid in rehabilitation after an injury.